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2021 Award Recipients

God's Pit Crew ⇨ God's Pit Crew (GPC) was started in 1999 as part of an outreach to help tornado victims in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This initial outreach consisted of borrowed trucks and trailers to deliver three loads of supplies to numerous tornado victims in need and has grown into a major non-profit organization specializing in effective crisis response and assistance. As part of the disaster relief efforts of GPC, they create Blessing Buckets to distribute to disaster victims. Blessing buckets are 5-gallon buckets that consist of essential items that persons use everyday. In addition to disaster relief, GPC also participates in building projects in which they have built and furnished over 40 homes and have renovated schools, other homes and playgrounds. GPC's calling is to bring hope, healing and restoration to persons in times of crisis.

Healing Strides of VA ⇨ The mission of Healing Strides of VA (HSVA) is to promote wellness for people with personal challenges who can benefit from equine-assisted activities and therapies in a safe and supportive environment. Healing Strides, established in 1991, is located on 22 acres that includes two pastures, three paddocks, a large enclosed arena and an outdoor arena. HSVA has a professional staff, certified instructors, trained volunteers and a herd of more than 20 horses. HSVA has several programs, including Therapeutic Riding, a program for individuals with personal challenges, such as autism, brain injuries and neurological disorders. This program has individualized horse interactions for all levels of participants.

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