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2024 Award Recipients

Five Points Music Sanctuary ⇨ Five Points Music Sanctuary (FPMS) celebrates sound, embraces it and explores it. While their live events and concerts unit audiences from far and wide, they also serve as a platform to promote and support their music therapy, hearing loss advocacy and accessibility efforts. FPMS was launched in January 2017 by Tyler Godsey with a mission to pursue the power of sound in all its glory.

Friendship House Roanoke ⇨ Friendship House Roanoke (FHR) serves the people of the Roanoke Valley through the ministries of mercy and empowerment in order to alleviate the effects of poverty. They also partner with local churches to provide additional assistance.

Intellectual Disabilities Agency of the NRV ⇨ Since 1965, Intellectual Disabilities Agency of the New River Valley (IDA) has been advocating for children and adults with intellectual challenges as well as providing social, recreational, educational and transportation services. The majority of the 200 or so clients for whom the IDA advocates are adults who live in a variety of settings, many of them sponsored placements. The activities offer opportunities to increase self-esteem and confidence, socialize, exercise, give family respite and practice social skills.

Presbyterian Community Center ⇨ Presbyterian Community Center (PCC) brings together a coalition of resources throughout the Roanoke Valley, including churches, caring volunteers, professionals and financial contributions to help our most needy neighbors through a wide assortment of activities. Established in 1967, the PCC assists families and individuals throughout the Roanoke Valley.

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